A revolutionary platform, that:

  • Combines more than 50 years world top scientific and business experience in agriculture
  • Unites all the players of agroindustry
  • Guaranties agricultural projects’ success
Video-presentation of SmartAgro.io

Agricultural credit in 2017 is over USD 333 Trillions

Total Credit to Architecture in 2017

SmartAgro Ecosystem


What problems was SmartAgro solving?

Raising capital for the entrepreneurs
Business planning and profitability prognosis
Investment risks
Transparency of the RfP process
Quality control
Market price analysis and regulation
Fair competition
Secure business transactions
Documentation flow

How is it done?

Blockchain based architecture provides transparent predictions, analytics, recommendations to investors and entrepreneurs to mitigate risks
More than 30 years of data will be analyzed with our AI and neural networks advance learning engine
Automated documentation flow for RfP and project creation processes
Bleeding edge security developments to provide secure transactions
Ongoing R&D to improve prediction and to find new correlations in the processed data


Why are you safe with us?

Guaranteed implementation of the solution:

LR Group will with contribute 30 years of international experience of creating agricultural projects on 3 continents:

We will provide a guarantee of the project execution until its stable state and also will guarantee an agreed output based on production indicators...

LR-Group is actively introducing innovative technologies in rural areas and it will take a part in the development "AgroKlaster" project of SmartAgro platform. LR-Group will act as an expert adviser and a training partner.

Being a modern innovative company, Netafim is interested in developing the SmartAgro platform of AgroKlaster and ready to review the terms of cooperation and expert support...

We confirm that Netafim is ready to provide technological support as general designer and general contractor, control the quality manager of EPCM's performance of the contract, construction,we will provide the service of the equipment installation, support the launch of new project and guarantee the output of the planned yields

 SAT holders’ protection:

Smart contract Github

All funds collected during token sale will be placed to the crypto escrow. Escrow services are provided by ADBK consulting (tech firm) and AR Consultants (law firm) to ensure the highest level protection of tokens purchasers' funds and rights.

"Gold reserve" SAT: covered by services or products. Acts as proof of discount to actual products and / or service.


SAT placement and reserve policy

SAT placement and reserve policy SmartAgro.io

Total number of produced SAT608 000 000

Intended for sale450 000 000

Reserve158 000 000

Nominal value of SAT$ 0,178

Budget allocation

Budget allocation SmartAgro.io

Minimum purchase amount$ 100 (1/4 ETC)

Accepted currency

Bitcoin Cash

SmartAgroToken values

SAT - is your fixed 65% discount from market price of SmartAgro products and services.

This discount is valid up to 3 years from the date of purchase.

SAT 65% discount is not reduced even with the minimal purchase amount of 100$.

SmartAgro services can only be procured by SAT holders.

Standard and Additional Bonus programs for SAT purchase

Standard Bonus programs for SAT purchase

Additional 5% bonus will only be provided when we collect USD 5-10M within first 3 weeks of Pre-ICO stage.


Alexander Rubashevsky


General and strategic management, financial modeling of business

Managerial experience - 25-year foreign and Russian experience in the organization, management, control of the enterprise and business processes.
Opening of three businesses from scratch and their successful development both in Israel and Russia.

Conclusion of enterprises on the level of revenue above $ 20 million.

  • Founder and CEO car dealership «Moria» (Israel מכוניות מואיה בע"מ) and a leasing company with the same name.
  • CEO of the leasing company ComfortLise (Moscow) -organization of the leasing company from scratch at the invitation of the investors.
  • Director General LLC Multiprofile financial group (brand Smart Finance G
Oleg Perepelkin


General and strategic management. Development of financing models, including foreign ones

Managerial experience - worked for more than 20 years in management positions in various sectors of the financial sector, as well as in the media (organization, management, control of business processes):

211 people
Full business and a

Irena Voykhansky


Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations. US based BA degree in international business management. Worked in large scale international projects involving government relations.Experience in building and maintaining influential relations with government officials, policy-makers and other stakeholders at various levels in support of the organization objectives. Fluent in Russian, English and Portuguese. Leading Curator of FIFA and Gazprom project “F4F” Area of responsibility 42 countries of South and Central America. Liaison/Referent - Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan in Federative Republic of Brazil. Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations - Eifman ballet theater.

Eugene Zeldin


More than 20 years experience in Solution Architecture, IT Infrastructure, Management of Global Multinational Projects, Outsourcing, IT Consulting to Enterprises in Financial, Educational, Healthcare and Government sectors.

Oleg Vaisband

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Cyber Security Expert
18+ years in Design and Development of Security Solutions, IT Consulting for global companies.

Andrey Protasevich


Designer and web-developer RedShark Cloud
Development and maintenance of large projects, filling the graphic component and printing.

Dmitry Rzhevskiy

IT expert, Software Architect.

20-years’ experience in software development, including 9-years’ experience in information system design, and dev teams supervision in major IT companies. Complex and high-load systems development


5 people

Denis Guzikov

Senior software engineer, analyst

6 years’ experience in software development at Sberbank, Salut plant.
Complex systems and large-scale projects development.
Core skills in Java EE, Jax RS, Jetty, TestNG, Mokito, Git, Maven, EJB3, Glassfish, GWT, GXT, JasperReports, Jira Spring, Hibernate, ZK, SQL, Oracle.
Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Delphi pasсal, 1С 7.7

Michael Zelensky



19 years of development and architectural experience worldwide in startups and global corporate companies. Machine learning, web development, UI, data analytics expert.

Meir Slanov

Marketing manager

More than 5 years negotiations and b2b sales and other experience in the Russia’s top banks, investment, media food production companies, as well as start-up development. Was dealing with payrolls, transaction business, corporate funding and other corporate banking products and tools, on-line promotion and marketing. Was involved in organisation of federal projects implementation, stuff training.

Yohanan Momot

Web development manager

More than 10 years experience in corporate accounting, system administration and teaching activity.
Web developer and designer.
Founder and developer of an online educational start-up “JewSource”.

Margaret Rozovskaya

Design and Construction

Managing Director

Design and construction of a greenhouse complex

Experience in managing the creation of multi-functional construction projects, with a total budget of more than $ 400 million. STO, management of design and construction. Implementation of various multi-functional construction development facilities, with a total budget of more than $ 400 million.

19 people


Claudia Marcia Meirelles

International development SmartAgro
Regional Executive Adviser South America

Managing Director Of X-Strategia Consulting, company acting on international B2B negotiations and management over 10 years.


For questions related to the regional cooperation, please contact:


+55 (61) 9 9876-6863
+55 (61) 9 9333-9629
[email protected]
[email protected]

Fahardine Mroivili Mohamed

International development SmartAgro
Regional executive adviser Africa

Head of department of the registration, identification, the communication and the reception of the taxpayer of the administration of taxes and Domains to the Ministry of Finances and Budget of Comoros.


For questions related to the regional cooperation, please contact:

+269 332 69 69
+269 432 69 69
[email protected]

Fahad Ayaz Khan

International development SmartAgro
Regional executive adviser Asia

Head of Information Process Solutions (USA) Media Productions.
Over 10 years of multifaceted experience in Marketing, Management, Strategic Planning, Product Development, Partnerships and Collaborations.


For questions related to the regional cooperation, please contact:

+92 321 478 9443
+92 306 048 2709
[email protected]

Michael Luther

West African Market Developer Pro bono

Over 20 years experience in multinational global companies as Solution Architect, Executive Cloud Architect, Senior Bid Solution Architect, Lead Implementation Consultant and other senior technical roles.

Jan Heere

Investment Advisor

Has spent the last 18 years in International retail. Worked 10 years for Inditex S.A. in different in terminational roles and then became the CEO for Russia & CIS where with his team he took the business to over 200 stores in just 5 years, from 2006 to 2011. Then became the International Director for Marks and Spencer Plc based in London he overviewed over 50 countries of the iconic British brand. Has also been Global General manager for Kiko Milano Spa.
Today involved in different retail investments and start ups as well as ICO projects.

Boris Rosenwald

Expert on agrotechnology

General Director of RICA (Russian-Israeli Center for Agrotechnology), breeder.
Included in the expert group of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Israel, specialization: breeding, cattle, modern greenhouse solutions.

Vladimir Gorbanovskiy

Expert in SCO, BRICS

He graduated from the Academy of National Economy. Plekhanova.

  • Director of the BRICS Energy Association
  • 1 Deputy Director of the SCO Business Club
  • ZAO Energolizing - Director
  • State Transport Company Russia "- Chief Financial Officer
Reuven Sudakin

Senior developer

Neural networks, cloud technologies, integration, UI, web design, research, quality assurance, development team management, databases and various programming languages expertise. Technical lead in large software integration projects.

Alexander Kukartsev

Expert in logistics

A professional supply chain and logistics operations manager with over 14 years of diverse and progressively responsible international experience in the FMCG, oil & gas, iron & steel, mining industries in West Africa and Former Soviet Union. Skilled in creating world-class supply chain organizations enabling companies to move from a tactical operation to a strategic value with a proven track record of building dynamic and performing teams, optimizing work processes and implementing advanced, robust and cost effective logistics solutions.

Yulia Semenikhina


Social Media Marketing & Public Relation. Graduated from the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov, majoring in Finance and Credit, and twenty years of experience in financial companies and banks with international capital (MFK BANK, LLC «Renaissance Finance Bank»). Professional education and practical activities in Social Media Marketing and Investor Relations.

Dmitry Lyamenkov

The business analyst in ICOBox

ICO marketing expert, 1+ year in preparing and launching ICOs, 2+ years in cryptocurrency trading. Collaborated with 7 successful ICOs such as ICOS, Aworker, Arcona, Cubomania, BCSHOP, etc.

Oleg Faingersh

Moneymonitor Expert

Graduated from Tomsk State University (Russia), Tel-Aviv University, MSc (Israel). Quality Assurance of large scale distributed application solutions for Capital Market and Financial industry. Analysis of trading middleware business engines for regulatory reporting. Trade surveillance, end-to-end trading flow of Derivative contracts, FX and Commodities asset classes. Validation and monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions.

Nadezhda Psareva

Financial advisor

Professor in the department of economy and management, full member of the International Academy of Corporate Governance, organizer of international conferences. Member of dissertational councils in FGIBU. Consulting - corporate management for the creation and restructuring of holdings (more than 30 projects: OAO TATNEFT, ZAO Soyuzprommontazh, ZAO Soyuzhimontazh and others).

Alla Lebed

Expert on agrotechnology

Graduated from Bashkir State University. Ten-year professional experience in managing a modern greenhouse plant more than 70Ga. Successful experience of introduction of modern means of plant biosecurity.

Expertise on introduction of LED backlight.


LR Group

LR Group is 30 years of success in the field of agriculture, telecommunications, medicine and aviation technologies. Provides the work of a technical customer, general designer and general contractor "turnkey".


Deliveries of highly specialized greenhouse systems, industrial greenhouses and greenhouse equipment. Leader in the production of irrigation systems.

ST Profile

A successfully developing enterprise with 20 years of experience in the development and production of metal products, taking into account the specific needs of industries.

Manzya Alexandr The commercial director


The subsidiary company of the Polish group Agro-Projects, which functions as a general contractor in the construction of industrial facilities, is an expert in the design and construction of cooling, air conditioning, ventilation and climate control systems.

Maxim Baykov CEO

Max Motors LLC
Provides design, equipment, general design, installation and commissioning services. Implementation of high-tech integrated energy projects based on gas piston power plants in Russia.

Konstantin Baleevsky Director of Moscow office


Production of lighting equipment for greenhouses, developed according to the advanced technologies of the world leader in LED greenhouse lighting - Philips Horti LED.

Zevakhin Kirill CEO


Founded in 2017, ICOBox is currently the world's largest ICO solutions provider, offering a wide range of fixed-price and custom packages to projects seeking to sell their products and services via an ICO. As part of its solution ICOBox provides technical, legal and marketing services. icobox.io

AR Consultants

All funds collected during token sale will be placed to the crypto escrow. Escrow services are provided by ADBK consulting (tech firm) and AR Consultants (law firm) to ensure the highest level protection of tokens purchasers' funds and rights.



What is SmartAgro?

SmartAgro is revolutionary platform, connecting all the participants of agricultural industry into an ecosystem. A platform that will allow establishing direct and reliable relationships, verifying the experience of producers and excluding unnecessary intermediaries. We are creating alternative financing mechanism that will mitigate investment risks, allow tracking of all development stages and product quality.

What is AgroKlaster?

AgroKlaster is an existing company set up to implement a high-tech greenhouse complex. This complex is integrated into the SmartAgro platform. Its design, financing and operation will be a proof of concept for the platform, highlighting the value of the SmartAgro ecosystem.

What is SAT and why do I need it?

SAT - SmartAgroToken is a discount utility-token that grants the right to a fixed discount. SAT will allow to purchase services of the SmartAgro platform and AgroCluster products at a discount of 65%

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology will assure reliable verification of participants, confirmation of their competencies and commercial information. Blockchain technology will speed up operations inside the ecosystem, reduce projects’ costs and reduce the risk of documents’ forgery. By use of Blockchain technology we are increasing the trust between participants of our ecosystem.

Is my account protected?

Definitely yes! The customer's personal account relies on the ICOBox platform, which is reliably protected, your funds are stored in the most secured way as well as all the released tokens.

Is there a bounty program and where can I get an information about it?

Yes, we have a bounty program to reward active platform participants. More detailed information can be found in the corresponding section.

Do you have Know-Your-Customer (KYC) program?

Yes there is. It is provided by ICOS ID

In what jurisdiction token sale is conducted?

Token sale will be conducted by SmartAgro LLC company that will be registered in Cayman Islands to reduce the legal risks for the token holders.

Will you have your own Blockchain implementation?

Yes. We will run SmartAgro platform on our own Blockchain.

When can I buy SAT?

The token sales will be conducted in three rounds:

  1. Closed round for target groups of buyers, starts on 01.06.18
  2. Pre-sale, starts on 27.08.18
  3. The main round, starts on 24.09.18

What cryptocurrencies are accepted to purchase SAT?

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple.

What is the minimal amount of tokens I can buy?

As per our Smart Contract, 0.25 Ethereum or USD 100.

How many SATs are you going to generate?

Totally 608 millions of SATs will be created. We will release 450 million tokens for sale.

Are there any restrictions to participate in TOKEN SALE?

National regulators of the United States, China and South Korea have introduced restrictions on the participation for residents of their countries to participate in the token sales. We will conduct KYC verification of buyers.

Where can I see your Smart Contract?

Our Smart Contract is provided by ICOBox. Source code of the contracts is available on Github.

Will SAT be a listed securities?

No, SAT is discount utility-token, allows to get fixed discount on product or service.

What lock up periods will you have?

For the SAT buyers, it will be available for the use immediately after end of thetoken sale. For the team lockup period will be 12 months. For advisors and bounty recipients lockup will be from 1 to 6 months.

What is utility token and how does it differ from cryptocurrency?

Utility token provides discount for accessing SmartAgro platform services. SAT will provide fixed discount on service or product. Utility token is not an asset, such as debt or company stock, unlike cryptocurrency, which is instrument of payment.